Hva er RAD?


RAD står for Royal Academy of Dance, som er en internasjonal organisasjon grunnlagt i 1920 for å fremme undervisningsstandarder i klassisk ballett. På danse- og ballettskolen ved Bergen Dansesenter har vi en sertifisert RAD- pedagog, Elizabeth Guino-o, som underviser alle RAD-klassene.

Bergen Dansesenter tilbyr gradering for alle nivåer i klassisk ballett opp til grad V. For å eksamineres, anbefaler vi ballett-trening to ganger i uken. Under følger en rekke spørsmål og svar om RAD (kun på engelsk):

What is the Royal Academy of Dance?

A worldwide organisation founded in 1920 to advance the standards of teaching in classical ballet. RAD Registered Teachers provide the best training in classical ballet for children and young people.

Why take exams with the Royal Academy of Dance?

·         To attain your personal best

·         To learn dance in a safe and fun environment

·         To have a goal to work towards

·         To receive recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body

·         UCAS tariff points for Graded & Vocational Exams

What types of exams do the Royal Academy of Dance offer?

Whatever your age or level of ability, RAD offers an examination program to suit you – whether you’re new to ballet or already an advanced student of dance. Students usually begin by following:

Graded Syllabus

As well as Classical Ballet, this also includes Free Movement and Character.Graded Examination Age Requirement

Primary: 7 years and over
Grade 1: 8 years and over
Grade 2: 9 years and over
Grade 3: 10 years and over
Grade 4: 11 years and over
Grade 5: 12 years and over
Grade 6: 13 years and over
Grade 7: 14 years and over
Grade 8 Award: 15 years and over
Note that the Royal Academy of Dance has strict age requirements for exam entry.

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What will I achieve at each different stage?

At Grades 1 to 3 you will be able to:

·         Co-ordinate simple movements to produce a combination of steps

·         Respond sensitively to music

·         Perform with confidence before an audience

At Grades 4 to 5 you will be able to:

·         Demonstrate an increased range of movements in longer and more complex sequences

·         Show an increased sensitivity to music

·         Perform with increased confidence before an audience

At Grades 6 to 8 you will be able to:

·         Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of dance movements

·         Interpret music sensitively in performance

·         Perform with confidence and self-awareness

Vocational Graded Syllabus

Students aged 11 and over who want to study classical ballet in greater depth with a view to pursuing a career in dance, can follow the Vocational Graded Syllabus.

Vocational Graded Examination
Age Requirement
Intermediate Foundation: 12 years and over
Intermediate: 13 years and over
Advanced Foundation: 14 years and over
Advanced 1: 15 years and over
Advanced 2: 16 years and over
Solo Seal Award: 16 years and over and must hold Advanced 2 with Distinction

How should I prepare for an exam?

·         For Graded Examinations you’ll need to do a minimum of one class a week. Extra coaching in the period leading up to the exam may also be necessary.

·         For Vocational Graded Examinations you should expect to take a minimum of two classes a week at the lowest level, increasing as you progress towards the higher levels.

How do I know the exam will be fair?

RAD examiners are highly trained and follow strict quality assurance procedures. Each student is marked against a set of assessment criteria specific to that examination. A few weeks after completing an exam you’ll be given a result form listing the marks you’ve been awarded and the result obtained.

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