Årets første PRODA-klasse!!!

PRODA Vestland inviterer til Kontaktimpro med Feet off the Ground;
Robyn Holder and Sophie Thorpe.

On saturday, February 8th. 10.00 – 11.30, at Bergen Dansesenter.

Feet off the Ground is an all-female performance collective making innovative, physical and engaging dance. We represent women in a strong, physical capacity and challenge audiences to perceive the female form in nuanced ways. We cross movement languages and utilise Contact Improvisation and Partnering techniques as a common ground for research and performance devising.
Dancers from Feet off the Ground are at the moment working with Brita Grov in her performance Her Past Is In Their Present Now premiering at Frontlosjefestivalen 22nd February at Cornerteateret.

Class Description:
A synthesis of Contact Improvisation, Partnering and Release Techniques, these classes are physical, challenging and dynamic. Through set solo and partnering phrases and improvisation tasks, we will explore the play between the set and the spontaneous. The class invites dancers to take risks in their use of textures, energy and physicality, working to increase sensitivity and awareness so that we can respond efficiently in the moment. Expect to fly, fall, connect and flow through the class.

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