ESC youth company for contemporary dance is looking for a young choreographer with a clear vision for an artistic project. The performance will be produced during 2024, with a premiere in the autumn.

Deadline 12 June 2023


We are looking for a choreographer with a clear artistic idea. It is important for the project’s integrity that the choreographer that is selected has a strong artistic project that they want to explore precisely with a talented youth ensemble. In this way, the benefit from the collaboration is as rich as possible both as an audience experience, as a basis for the choreographer’s further work, and for the young dancer’s insight into artistry and an artistic process.

The choreographer is responsible for the entirety of the artistic concept and works in relation to the composer, lighting and costume design and any other art forms the choreographer finds relevant. It is an advantage that the choreographer who is applying already has an idea of who they want to include in their artistic team, but Bergen Dansesenter can also help to find collaboration partners.


The aim is to inspire and give young dancers the opportunity to learn dance in a realistic and professional setting, as well as to give talents a springboard to future careers as contemporary dancers.

In ESC, the young dancers are co-creative dancers and are active in the preparation of movement language and expression. This gives the young people a unique opportunity to expand their understanding of the preparation of creative material. At the same time, the dancers will get tools in how to work improvisationally and/or using other methods, towards a common goal that includes spatial understanding and interaction.

In connection with the audition, the choreographer selects his own ensemble, which consists of 10-15 dancers aged 14-19. An audition will be held in January/February 2024, the invitation to the entrance exam goes out to the entire Vestland County, and auditions are held in several places in the county. High technical level and creative abilities are the basis for admission to the company. The project’s trial period is added to weekends and holidays including the summer holiday during the whole year until the premiere.


  • project description
  • presentation of artistic team
  • description of method
  • thoughts about sound/lights/costume and possibly other expressions that are relevant to the project
  • motivation – why do you want to work with young people?
  • video material that represents you as a dance artist/choreographer
  • cv/bio

Deadline 12 June 2023. The committee will meet in mid-June 2023, and answers will be issued immediately after the meeting. Applications can be written in Norwegian or English. Send application by email to:, mark ESC 2024

BDS is responsible for the practical implementation and financing. Carte Blanche and the BIT theater garage are on the selection committee and can act as an external eye. The performance will be shown on BIT’s program in January 2025. During the audition process, we plan to see performances at BIT/Carte Blanche with the young people.

Photo credit: Thor Brødreskift, ESC 2023 – VESTIGIA


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